Classic Geocache Container Set


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We are going old school with a combo of some container classics!

For those old timers of the game, they have been finding these containers for years. It was the classic days where a big container was a 5 gallon bucket, and a little one came with your film (film was something that people used to use in a thing called a camera that was like a phone that didn't have apps and couldn't connect to the internet or make phone calls).

For those who do remember, we put together a combo of containers just for you. They each come with a Rite in the Rain log strip and the key box even has a pencil! The 5 gallon bucket however, is not included.

Each set includes:

  • Waterproof Match Case with log strip
  • 35 MM Film Canister with log strip
  • Magnetic Key Box with log strip and pencil

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