Film Canister Geocache

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Oh, how things do change. Back in the early days of geocaching, film canisters could be found under rocks and up in trees throughout the world. They were all the rage with their combination of water tight closure and the fact that they came with the 35mm film we were all buying anyway.

There were stickers designed to fit them, and micro geocoins were designed to bring them trackables. There may have even been glorious banquets held in their honour.

But, of course things do change. Now geocachers ride their hover crafts to finds, and 35mm film is about as common as a Commodore 64. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is that they do make pretty good geocaches. With that in mind, we have decided to bring them back to the main stream!

Each Film Canister Geocache is ready to hide and includes:

  • One Watertight Film Canister
  • Set of 5 Micro Log Strips in a sealable bag
  • One Small Cache Label designed to fit around the canister


Approximately 2 inches with a 1.375 inch diameter. 

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