Geocaching Magnetic Light-up Retriever Tool


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This is a TOTT you will never regret having in your pack!

Geocaching can take you to some fascinating places, lead to amazing adventures, and give so many rewarding experiences. But sometimes, you just don't want to reach in there.

This retriever tool has a great reach of more than two feet, a strong enough magnet to lift even a full-size bison, and a twist on LED light that can show you what is really in that crevice!

Upgrade your geocaching tool kit, and let this retriever go to the places where you really don't want to.


  • Heavy duty comfort handle
  • Strong magnet
  • Bright LED light (batteries included)
  • Compact for carrying: approximately 8 inches when not extended
  • Significant reach: total length of approximately 32 inches when extended

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