GeoTours Travel Tag

Australia from $9.95.
New Zealand from $12.95.

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Do you love exploring the world through GeoTours? How about giving a trackable tag that same thrill!

Just like you, GeoTours travel tags can travel to any geocache, not just the GeoTour ones. With these travel tags you can show your love for GeoTours or give them some fun goals of finding whichever GeoTour you want to explore next!

What are GeoTours? Explore unique destinations throughout the world with official GeoTours. These custom tours showcase engaging geocaches designed to introduce you to new locations. Learn more about GeoTours and plan your own adventure!

The GeoTours Trackable Tag is trackable at with a unique icon.

Dimensions: Approximately 1.5 inches x 2 inches.

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