Geocaching Username Stamp

Ink Colour:
Top Text:
This text will be shown at the top of the stamp. Maximum of 16 characters.
Date Style:

Australia Flat Rate Shipping
Standard: $9.95
Express: $14.95

Compact, Simple, and Cost Effective!

This stamp features your geocaching username and space for a hand written date, making it great for the pocket!


  • This stamp has no border. The dotted border shown is an indication of size
  • Shiny S-852 has dimensions of 38mm x 14mm.
  • You're able to customise the username and border of this stamp.
  • Over 10,000 impressions with out refilling ink.
  • Not suitable for use on glossy and wax paper.
  • Non toxic ink.

Note: Custom stamp production has a 2 day turnaround time.

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